Mandalorian vs. TIE Fighter: Who Would Win?


In the season finale of The Mandalorian, a TIE fighter, piloted by Moff Gideon himself, is coming in to destroy Mando and his pals. The scenario is dire. So what does Mando do? He straps on a jetpack and rockets up over the TIE fighter—then makes use of his grappling hook to latch onto the spacecraft and get pulled alongside for the experience. Whoa!

I received’t say what occurs subsequent, in case you haven’t watched the episode but. But we gotta discuss that epic stunt. It received me questioning: What form of acceleration would an individual need to endure to seize onto a TIE fighter in mid-flight? You know, in case you ever discovered your self in that scenario.

Yes, sure, I do know it is a fictional TV present, and it doesn’t want life like physics for it to be nice. But that doesn’t imply I can’t do some actual evaluation. It’s simply what I do.

A Time and a Place for Everything

To discover Mando’s acceleration, we’d like time and place knowledge for each him and the spaceship. We can get that with video evaluation software program. There are a few choices, however I all the time use Tracker. The concept, then, is to create a distance scale based mostly on one thing within the scene and use that to plot the vertical and horizontal location of objects in every body of the video. We get the time knowledge from the body fee.

So let’s begin with a recognized object—properly, form of recognized. Wookiepedia lists the dimensions of a TIE fighter. Assuming the one within the scene is an ordinary model, it might have a peak of 8.82 meters. Using this scale, I get the next plot of the place of the starfighter because it strikes below the Mandolorian:

Since it is a plot of horizontal place vs. time, the slope of the road provides the common horizontal velocity. It’s pretty linear, which suggests the TIE fighter is transferring at a roughly regular velocity of 117.three meters per second (262 mph for the Imperials). Is that quick? Who is aware of? It’s slower than my earlier estimate of TIE Fighter speeds—however absolutely this stuff can decelerate.

Now let us take a look at the Mandalorian as he launches off the bottom. Using the identical distance scale, I get the next plot of place vs. time:

From this, we discover that Mando strikes upward with a virtually fixed velocity of 26.four m/s (59 mph). If I mark the spot the place he left the bottom, I get a most peak of 24.four meters. OK, what about this? He’s already as much as his most vertical velocity by the point he will get 10 meters off the bottom. That means he needed to go from zero to 26.four m/s in an area of 10 meters. What would his acceleration from the jetpack be?

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